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Use of an Eight-arm Radial Water Maze to Assess Working and Reference Memory Following Neonatal Brain Injury Published 12/04/2013

Use of an Eight-arm Radial Water Maze to Assess Working and Reference Memory Following Neonatal Brain Injury

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doi: 10.3791/56694 Published: 1/05/2018 0 Comments

This protocol describes the use of a modified T-maze to evaluate functional learning/memory in asphyxia cardiac arrest-induced cerebral ischemia.

Wu, C. Y., Lerner, F. M., Couto e Silva, A., Possoit, H. E., Hsieh, T. H., Neumann, J. T., Minagar, A., Lin, H. W., Lee, R. H. Utilizing the Modified T-Maze to Assess Functional Memory Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest. (131), e56694, doi:10.3791/56694 (2018).

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Background: Evaluating mild to moderate cognitive impairment in a global cerebral ischemia (i.e. cardiac arrest) model can be difficult due to poor locomotion after surgery. For example, rats who undergo surgical procedures and are subjected to the Morris water maze may not be able to swim, thus voiding the experiment.

New Method: We established a modified behavioral spontaneous alternation T-maze test. The major advantage of the modified T-maze protocol is its relatively simple design that is powerful enough to assess functional learning/memory after ischemia. Additionally, the data analysis is simple and straightforward. We used the T-maze to determine the rats' learning/memory deficits both in the presence or absence of mild to moderate (6 min) asphyxial cardiac arrest (ACA). Rats have a natural tendency for exploration and will explore the alternate arms in the T-maze, whereas hippocampal-lesioned rats tend to adopt a side-preference resulting in decreased spontaneous alternation ratios, revealing the hippocampal-related functional learning/memory in the presence or absence of ACA.

Results: ACA groups have higher side-preference ratios and lower alternations as compared to control.

Comparison with Existing Method(s): The Morris water and Barnes maze are more prominent for assessing learning/memory function. However, the Morris water maze is more stressful than other mazes. The Barnes maze is widely used to measure reference (long-term) memory, while ACA-induced neurocognitive deficits are more closely related to working (short-term) memory.


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Welcome to the third part of how to design a terrific logo ! Today we are going to look at the third possible option when you want to create a logo : monograms. Last week, we have discovered Cheap Sale Cheapest Discount The Cheapest Shirt for Women On Sale in Outlet Black Silk 2017 12 Saint Laurent Discount Reliable Shopping Online QRo9j2wH
and typography . A monogram is a symbol created from the initials of a nam e .

This technic has been used a lot and has re-emerged. Many companies, mostly from the luxury sector, use this type of logo. Let’s start our exploration of the wonderful world of monogram logo!

Why choose a monogram logo?

You must have already seen a lot of monograms logos during your life. There are very widespread. You just have to think about luxury companies : Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent? Only monograms! Why such a choice?

This can be explained by the fact that at first, a monogram was a royal cypher. It has then been used by elits before being trivialized . Today anyone can have its own monogram. However, its high-end connotation remains. Which explains why it is mostly used by luxury companies.

If you want to have a more precise definition, a monogram is an emblem created from letters (almost exclusively initials). They are gathered to shape a design . It is possible to add ornaments (flowers, frames, etc.) to give an elegant, refined and original look. This type of logo is very strong because it is simplified and minimalist.

In this article, we are going to design a monogram for The Asian Cooking Blog. This is the example that we have been using in all of our Shopping Discounts Online Store Sale Diane Von Furstenberg Woman Printed Silkblend Top Black Size 6 Diane Von Fürstenberg FCNbvd4s
and Branding 101 how to create a powerful brand online articles.

This is a fictive blog about asian food that shares authentic and simple recipes. It is not really the ideal candidate for a monogram logo. However we will give it a try. This will allow us to be creative and have new design ideas .

Which type of monogram logo to use?

There are many forms of monograms. There are default categories, to adapt according to the name and logo you are going to use.

These are the most used examples. You are free to adjust them to your situation. Sometimes, it is not possible to achieve all of them. It is going to depend on which letters you will use. Some of them are easier to merge together. You must choose wich model best fits your case .

Let’s study the example of Inclavis. During the logo creation process, I have tried to design a monogram. But Inclavis has only one initial: I. So I have decided to add an C. Those two letters do not get along easily. The result was not conclusive. So I chose another logo.

However the monogram that I made is still used as a symbol. This is my favicon. Look at your browser’s tab and you will see it. You have to adapt the models to your sitation.

Example: the monogram of The Asian Cooking Blog

We are now going to study in details the monogram creation of TACB. Even if this type of logo doesn’t not fit TACB’s market (cooking), it is important to try all options available. So we will work with four letters: T, A, C and B. This is a lot, especially that some are hard ot associate (like C and B) .

However, I think that removing some letters would make the logo loose its meaning. So I have decided to keep them all. My first step has been to try all the monograms’ types. However some like entwind letters or layered letters didn’t work. There were too many initials. You can find all the succesfull testing in the image below.

On each try, I have work to accentuate the asian and authentique side. I also have tried to had some hierarchy to the logo. Indeed, there are a lot of letters that make it harder to read. That explains why on some the T or the AC is bigger than the other letters.

My final choice has been to the one on the bottom left. This is kind of a merged letters type . The letters are not really bonded so this is perfectly correct. But this is the model I have worked from. Once again, monongrams types are only here to help you. You don’t have to follow it exactly. It depends on your situation.

Thank to this article, you have learned how to create a a monogram logo. It is mainly used by luxury companies for its refined and minimalist side. It can really be a good fit for your blog, Big Sale Cheap Online Womens Response 2 W Running Shoes adidas Finishline For Sale tTyyvQI
. Now that we have studied the three possible types of logos, we are going to create the final version of your logo and add some colors . See you next week!

Do you have a monogram logo? Do you think that it would be a great choice for your blog?


entwined letters : you need to mix the initals of your name to create a symbol. The letters must be entwined and not layered. This way, you will have only one image. You can use Yves Saint Laurent’s logo as an example.

fau ne
Please wait while we are making your mix-and-match. (If nothing appears, please check that you allowed the usage of pop-up on this webpage.)

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A typeface family designed by Alice Savoie

A series of original illustrations by Marine Rivoal

A commission by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques

In partnership with the Groupe Imprimerie Nationale



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For this new commission of a typeface family by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, we wished to associate the skills and domains of activity of our two institutions with the aim of accompanying a new creation.

The Centre National des Arts Plastiques supports and valorizes graphic design and typography, through its collection, its publications and the events that it hosts. The Imprimerie Nationale is endowed with an exceptional patrimony. The know-how that it fosters and puts into practice is soundly based in History while firmly looking towards the future.

We wanted to bring these complementary values and energies together in order to implement this project, for which Alice Savoie has been selected by a panel of experts that was assembled for the occasion. Her approach combines patrimony and current events, rigor and poetry and all of this with intelligence and creativity. Faune, the typeface has been designed and developed in unexpected and subtle forms, and calls upon the most contemporary of digital technologies.

Typeface design is a dynamic and inventive domain and Alice Savoie’s proposition is a brilliant example of this. Let us hope that Faune participates in bringing the work of typeface designers to light and confirming their importance in the construction of everyday life.

Faune, together with its design sketches and documents, is part of the collection of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques. Our two establishments, together, have in this way contributed to writing a new page in the great book of typography.

Yves Robert Director of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques

Didier Trutt Chief Executive Officer of the Groupe Imprimerie Nationale

"It is not the same world that emerges along the line that writes the verb ‘to look’, depending on whether the line passes via the lynx, the hawk, the ox, the bat, the antelope, the snake or the man, indeed as it is not quite the same from one man to another."

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Sarah Bigler, Leaf Group Updated July 22, 2017

What the Statue of Liberty Symbolizes (Photo: )

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With her torch held high over Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty stands as a quintessential American symbol. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, she welcomed millions of weary immigrants and refugees to America, many escaping persecution, famine and war in their homelands. With New York City serving as a backdrop, the Statue of Liberty has come to represent freedom, democracy and justice that societies around the world have sought to emulate.

In the years following the American Civil War, French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi created the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of democracy and freedom. He named his work “Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World” before designating New York Harbor as her permanent home. Bartholdi commissioned fellow Frenchman Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who built Paris’ famed Eiffel Tower, to help design the statue’s large interior skeleton. Dedicated on October 28, 1886, the National Park Service designated the Statue of Liberty a national monument in 1924.

The Statue of Liberty has inspired countless stories, poems, songs and memoirs, because of its powerful representation of democracy. Her tiara has seven spikes to represent the Seven Seas and the seven continents of the world. In the decades that followed her creation, she became a potent symbol of freedom and hope to the millions of immigrants seeking refuge and opportunity in America.

Her crown contains 25 windows that symbolize gemstones and heaven’s rays shining outward to the world. The chains and shackles are at her feet, only appear when viewed from above. The shackles represent America breaking the chains of tyranny and accepting democracy as a viable form of government. The torch represents enlightenment and her tablet represents a book of law.

Bartholdi designed the statue in an ancient Greco-Roman style. He hammered the her copper shell to 3/32 of an inch thick, the thickness of two stacked one-cent coins. Eiffel’s skeleton allows for flexibility, making Lady Liberty able to sway in high winds without sustaining damage. Her left hand contains a tablet which features the date America declared independence from Britain, and her right hand holds a torch with a golden flame.

As a symbol of solidarity between France and the United States, Bartholdi allowed an American to design the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal, which newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer partially funded. The statue arrived in New York and was dedicated and opened in October 1886, a decade after America’s centennial celebration.

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